Telephone Systems

Dialed in to your success.

At Total Communication Services, we know that growing your business is your main focus. The last thing you want is for your business phone system to be holding you back. If it’s becoming too expensive and difficult to add more users, extensions and phone lines because of the old system’s limited capacity, it may be time to look at upgrading to a new telephone system.

Whether you have a few users in one location or more than 100,000 employees across multiple offices, our business telephone systems have all the features for you to run your internal and external communications as smoothly as possible.

At the same time, communication needs have changed in today’s work world. New technology is allowing your workforces’ mobile devices to be fully integrated and advanced features are giving you telecoms access from anywhere, anytime.

Total Communication Services can create efficiencies in your telephone system through an array of layered features including:

  • Auto-attendant – Programmable options and menu branches in the auto-attendant feature can help you streamline efficiencies in your phone system. It can answer incoming calls, manage requests, transfer calls and avoid tying up phone lines.
  • Mobility – Mobile-friendly systems can integrate desktop and cell phones and allow the automatic transfer of calls in progress so employees can work from anywhere, allowing you to stay competitive and responsive.
  • Find me/follow me – Phone systems with FM/FM can ring all your devices simultaneously or try a chosen sequence you program it to. A list of numbers you can be reached at is tried automatically until the call is answered. The caller is offered the choice calling another extension, holding, or being transferred to voicemail to leave a message.
  • CRM integration – Phone systems that integrate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool enable easier dialing and call logging. Control how you place outgoing calls, log interactions and leave notes for coworkers for future calls.
  • Call recording/accounting – Get insight into how your employees are handling calls through metrics like average talk times and reports on specific extensions so you can assure quality and improve services.
  • Voicemail  Prioritize which calls are directed to your mobile so you can determine which to answer and which to send to voicemail, all without the caller knowing the difference. This lets you field business calls in order of urgency and direct calls to appropriate person so there are no missed calls.
  • Unified Messaging – Think of it as a universal mailbox. Voicemail and email can interact with unified messaging so you can retrieve and send voice, fax, and email through your inbox.

Total Communication Services’ phone systems offering includes handset and installation. We can build in a support program with 24/7 onsite and remote support including emergency response.

Our range of telephone systems can accommodate basic, advanced, unified messaging and third-party applications, without relying entirely on the internet and features. We can handle analog, digital, and IP devices and telephone lines. And we can help you figure how to use the existing infrastructure without overhauling major network equipment – or migrate to a separate telephone network if that is the best solution.


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