Local Area Paging Solutions

Keep employees in touch for a quicker response.

We offer scalable, unlimited communication capabilities for improved response time, reduced on-hold hang ups and increased employee productivity with browser based and wireless local area paging solutions.

It is ideal for any size or type of business: including hospitals, warehouses, hotels, schools or universities, medical offices, airports, retail or auto dealerships. Netpage Unlimited allows you to communicate throughout your organization with onsite paging, SMS text messaging and email notifications.

Benefits of a local area paging solutions include:

  • Improved staff response time
  • Reduced on-hold hang ups
  • Instant, silent communication between users
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Eliminate the need for overhead paging
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Reach both employees or your valued guests no matter where they are
  • Multiple notification methods including LRS pagers, mobile phones or email

Enjoy a simple, affordable solution for your diverse communication need with a custom local area paging solution.

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