Digital Signage

A cost-effective, high definition, cloud-based marketing solution.

Speak to your customers and make a visual impact with a sleek, content-focused digital display. Quickly and easily customize the content, showcase your work and keep your customers informed.

Digital signage is a cloud-based marketing solution for your business that’s both interactive and engaging.

Some benefits of using this robust marketing tool include:

  • Revenue generation – Attract new customers and use call-to-actions to captivate your audience and convert those browsers to buyers.
  • Cloud based – Manage your content easily from a web browser or from any mobile device.
  • Easy to manage – Display the right messages and promotions at the right times.
  • Branding – Improve your brand consistency and communication.
  • Automate content – Target the right audience at the right time for maximum marketing impact.
  • Change messages quickly – Create content when you need it. No more waiting for print materials or designers and working off long delivery times — you can now launch programs immediately when you need to.
  • Cost-efficient – With low cost per impression, it reduces the reliance on print materials.
  • Supports a wide range of content ­– Display images, video, flash, web pages, RSS & social media feeds, widgets, weather, display playlists on YouTube, user permissions, stats and more.
  • High Definition visuals – Use dynamic and high-impact visuals to appeal to your clients.
  • Eco-friendly – Cloud-based power management allows you to schedule auto-hibernation of the display and power box, and cut down on potential print materials.
  • Scalable – It’s easy to install and use.

Let Total help you build a custom marketing solution that’s easy to install, manage and maintain – backed by warranty and Total’s customer support. We can even provide content creation services.

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